What Is A LED Profile Light ?

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You’ve probably seen Aluminium LED profile lights used before in a number of places. In your home, office or a local restaurant. Aluminium profiles are enclosed physical protection for LED strip lights. Allowing them to be fastened without damage and attached with a diffuser for even light distribution.

Aluminium LED Profiles are also commonly referred to as the following. LED aluminium extrusion, LED channel, LED strip mounting, LED strip diffuser or LED extrusion. They come in many different sizes, shapes and fittings, to suit a range of needs and spaces.

Why Are You Need Aluminium Channel ?

  • Gives LED strips a finished look.
  • Effectively protects and extends the lifespan of LEDs.
  • Produces high-quality light for professional, decorative and accent lighting purposes.
  • Makes installation of LED strips quick and easy.
  • Can be cut and customized to suit any project.

What Specification KRC Have ?

Why Choose KRC LED Profile Aluminium Light?

KRC aluminium LED profiles are the best solution if you wish to install LED strips under the upper counters in the kitchen. You can also use the profiles as illumination at edges in the stairs or corridor spaces and over-head light. These profiles can be customized according to your desired length and you can put numerous profiles together to make the installation longer. The LED strip can be mounted in the profiles after it had been installed with screws.

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