Aluminum Profile: An Introduction and Overview

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Aluminum profiles, also known as extruded aluminum profiles, are made through an extrusion process. To meet various demands, these profiles can be extruded into specific shapes and sizes.

Continue reading to find out more about aluminum profiles. The most frequently asked questions, including the following, have their answers on this page:

What is an aluminum profile?

What kinds of aluminum profiles are there?

Their primary uses

Why should you choose KRC®?

What is an aluminum profile?

Aluminum alloy is used to create profiles, which are molded into specific shapes by the extrusion process. This process plays a major role in the special combination of physical qualities that make aluminum.

Because of its many beneficial properties, including its strength and stability, malleability (allowing for easy casting and machining), high conductivity, non-magnetic nature, and ability to be recycled repeatedly without losing integrity, aluminum profiles find application in a wide range of sectors. Aluminum is therefore utilized for a growing range of manufacturing purposes.

Kinds of aluminum profiles

We may now examine the many types of extruded profiles that are now available after providing an explanation for “What is an aluminum profile?”

In fact, it can be stated that there is a vast variety given that KRC® offers a variety of aluminum profiles, handles, aluminum furniture, deep-processed aluminum products, etc. However, it is more practical to divide them into two broad categories: standard profiles and special profiles.

Every aluminum extrusion profile comes in an extensive array of sizes and can be customized with various aluminum alloys based on its intended use.

What are standard aluminum profiles?

Standard profiles contain a variety of shapes used in a range of applications, including G profiles, Z profiles, T profiles, U channels, square and round tubes and pipes, aluminum corner profiles, and more.

What are special aluminum profiles?

Special profiles are intricate shapes that are mostly utilized in the furniture and building, automotive, and transportation industries. Aluminum handles, for example, are among the unique profiles we produce on a daily basis.

Custom profiles

In order to determine which type of aluminum profile is best for you, we can investigate a custom design upon request.

We continuously invest in technical personnel and research and development to ensure that we can perform procedures such as these with the highest level of precision possible: cutting aluminum with several saw types and a restricted tolerance, shearing to adjust the different profiles to your requirements, and surface preparation to ensure the necessary color, hardness, and shine while eliminating any impurities.

aluminium G profile HK2135

Versatile applications of aluminum profiles across industries

Because of its strength and adaptability, aluminum profiles have been used in a wide range of sectors.

An outline of some of the major industries where these profiles are widely used, showcasing their range of features, is provided below:

Construction and architecture: Aluminum profiles are utilized in the construction and architectural industries for curtain wall systems, window and door frames, and structural facades. They are perfect for contemporary architectural projects because of their light weight and corrosion resistance, which improves both aesthetics and energy efficiency.

Automotive and transportation: Aluminum profiles are essential for lowering vehicle weight in the automotive and transportation industries, which boosts fuel economy and lowers pollutants. They are utilized in the frames, body sections, railings, and chassis of automobiles, trucks, railroads, and even aircraft.

Solar energy systems: Aluminum profiles’ longevity and resistance to corrosion are advantageous for the renewable energy industry, especially for solar panel frames and mounting systems. They guarantee the long-term dependability and efficiency of solar installations under diverse environmental circumstances.

Electronics and electrical: Aluminum profiles are utilized in heat sinks, enclosures, and frames for electronic devices ranging from consumer electronics to massive servers and cooling systems because of their exceptional thermal conductivity.

Furniture and interior design: Aluminum profiles provide both structural integrity and visual appeal in the fields of furniture and interior design. They give a clean, contemporary appearance when utilized in shelving units, office dividers, modular kitchens, and decorative elements;

These uses highlight how versatile aluminum profiles are and how important they are to the advancement of design, technology, and sustainability across industries.

KRC® is here for you

Apart from the previously mentioned technical benefits of KRC® aluminum profiles, we also prioritize customer satisfaction.

We respond to you promptly and provide feasibility feedback.

We implement efficient processes and deliver on time.

We cover any area where aluminum profiles are used.

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