Aluminum Handles: What You Should Know

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Aluminum handles are becoming increasingly popular in the commercial and furniture sectors due to their durability and strength and are becoming the first choice for modern furniture and commercial spaces.

This is mainly because aluminum handles have many advantages. Their strength, durability and stability are their main advantages, allowing them to last for decades. Aluminum handles are more durable than other handles made of different materials such as plastic. What’s more, aluminum handles blend well with any structure, creating a beautiful and durable look.

The most significant advantage of aluminum handles for residential and commercial property owners is that they require no regular maintenance. These handles resist corrosion and erosion, making them ideal for outdoor use, even in areas close to the sea. Once you decide to choose aluminum handles for your kitchen cabinets, drawers and wardrobe doors, you can find a reputable and reliable supplier.

Essential Features of Aluminum Handles

Aluminum handles are a popular choice for a variety of applications. Here are some essential features of aluminum handles:

Durability: Alloys used to make aluminum handles are usually resistant to weathering, corrosion, and the damaging effects of UV radiation. It can guarantee peak performance for many years and is long-lasting.

Flexibility: Aluminum can be easily molded, which makes it ideal for use in all industrial metalworking operations, such as casting, extrusion, and forging. Aluminum has almost infinite design possibilities due to its extreme flexibility.

Lightweight: This characteristic makes aluminum handles not only affordable but also easy to handle and install. The lighter weight is especially useful in situations when it’s important to minimize the total weight, such as in portable equipment or transportation.

Strength: Despite being lightweight, aluminum offers impressive strength. Although much lighter, a well-made aluminum handle can be just as sturdy as one made of steel.

Resist Corrosion: Aluminum is extremely resistant to corrosion because of its natural oxide layer, which serves as a shield against the environment. Weather-related deterioration is less likely to occur thanks to this protective layer, which enables aluminum handles to maintain their appearance and functionality over time.

Recyclability: Aluminum can be recycled in full and at a very high rate of efficiency.  Aluminum handles are made from almost entirely recycled metal, which promotes environmental sustainability.

Thermal Efficiency: Because unpainted metal is thermally insulated, it lowers the transmission of high temperatures. This implies that if you have aluminum handles at home, you can lower your air conditioning costs. Additionally, aluminum’s intrinsic insular efficiency makes it corrosion-resistant.

Fire Safety: Aluminum is regarded as a non-combustible metal for fire safety reasons. Because of this feature, aluminum handles are safe to use in both residential and commercial structures where fire safety rules are a top priority.

Minimal Maintenance: Because aluminum is strong and durable, it doesn’t require frequent cleaning or maintenance to ensure that wear and tear won’t cause the handle to rust.

Where to Use Aluminum Handles?

Aluminum handles are ideal for your needs whether you’re updating or replacing kitchen cabinet handles or drawer handles. Aluminum is quite strong, so you can be sure it will survive for years before requiring any more renovations.

It’s important to choose the right design and handle to replace your outdated patio door handle. As a result, you need to identify the kind of aluminum handle you own. To guarantee that the handle fits correctly, this is required.

Aluminum handles with their cutting-edge safety features have become a popular option for sliding doors. Hollow core doors and sliding patios are the perfect applications for aluminum handles. With so many options, you may achieve the perfect style for your requirements. Furthermore, sliding doors and hollow core doors have a lower carbon impact thanks to aluminum’s recyclable nature.

Aluminum is another popular material for cabinet handles. It’s time to update your kitchen cabinets since they’ve been in use for a long time and now appear worn out and outdated. By updating the look of your cabinets, you may utilize them more comfortably and easily by using aluminum handles.

Aluminum handles are another option for gates. It offers a more secure grip for effortless opening and shutting of both home and business applications. The gate is a crucial component of your home and is in use all year round. Investing in aluminum door handles guarantees that you’re getting a sturdy material that will endure for many years.

What is the Best Aluminum Handle?

There are no clear-cut rules for determining the best aluminum handles. Perhaps, the best aluminum handles are those that offer both style and functionality without being too expensive.

Although aluminum has inherent strength and durability, aluminum handles nevertheless require routine upkeep to keep them fashionable and useful. Regularly cleaning the aluminum handles will reduce the chance of dirt building up on them. This will allow you to maintain the luster of the handle and maintain its stylish appeal.

Additionally, it must be easy to operate and suitable for the room for which it is intended.  You have to consider who will be using the aluminum handles, as not all the people in the house who use the handles will be adults.

Aluminum has exceeded expectations, becoming an essential part of doors, windows, cabinets, drawers, etc. Aluminum has proven its superiority in every aspect, both residentially and commercially. For high-quality aluminum handles, choose KRC®.



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