What is Splicing Large Panel Cabinet System ?

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  • 2024-03-12
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Left side panel, right side panel, middle vertical plate, roof panel, bottom panel, middle horizontal plate, 20X8mm base aluminum strip, 4mm Backboard, 18X50X52 mm connecting angle code, 28X50X52 mm connecting angle code, middle horizontal plate connectorare made of high-quality aluminum material, with surface oxidation treatment and fine polishing, it can be used for polishing, brushing, and spraying processes, making it sturdy and durable with strong load-bearing capacity.

The aluminum plate is slotted and embedded with invisible lights, providing a minimalist and streamlined appearance. The plate thickness is 10mm, and it is fixed with zinc alloy connectors and aluminum corner codes for high stability, color is customizable.

Install Image

Installation details

1Left side panel 
2Right side panel 
3Middle vertical plate 
4Roof panel 
5Floor panel 
6Middle horizontal plate 
720X8mm base aluminum strip 
84mm Backboard 
918X50X52mm connecting angle code 
1028X50X52mm connecting angle code 
11Middle horizontal plate connector 
12M3X12mm countersunk head screw 
13M4X8mm countersunk head screw 
14M4X20mm countersunk head Self-tapping screw 
15Hexagonal M4X12mm countersunk head screw



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