The Timeless Appeal of Glass Wardrobe Designs

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  • 2024-03-12
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All the aluminum materials used in this glass wardrobe are processed from high-quality aluminum, paired with high-quality tempered glass, there are more than ten options available, including clear glass, tea glass, gray glass, etc. The surfacetreatment and sizes can be customized. The selection of surface treatment for aluminum frames includes Matt Champagne, Brush Matt Champagne, Matt Gold, Matt Gold Brush, Ceramic Champagne, Brush Ceramic Champagne, Ceramic antique brass.

The wardrobe abandons the traditional wardrobe form and focuses on aluminum frames and glass. The 360 degree fully transparent design allows clothes to bask in sunlight during the day. The glass wardrobe has two options: with light and without light. The clothes hanging rod made of high-quality aluminum material, the surface is treated with oxidation, and the rubber strip is added for silent and anti slip treatment. It has a huge load-bearing capacity of 15kg, super stable and non shaking.



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