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Why Choose Aluminum As The Raw Material Of House Furniture ?

Due to the characteristics of aluminum, the strength is much stronger than wood, and can solve the problem of cracking deformation, can adapt to the temperature of different environments, and has fire prevention, moth prevention, contact with water does not rot and other characteristics. Compared with wood furniture, the surface paint body of wood furniture is easy to fall off, the surface is easy to scratch, the splicing structure is easy to loose after using for a long time, aluminum has the advantage of durability, ductility. Compared with stainless steel, aluminum alloy’ s weight is more light, but strength better , plasticity is better.

Why Choose KRC ?

  1. Price benefits
  2. Whole house customize (Titanium magnesium aluminum alloy)
  3. More colors
  4. More surface treatment technology
  5. Better quality
  6. More profile model (open model by free)
  7. Sells well

1. Price Benefits

Our products are of good quality, beautiful appearance, simple and elegant, but the price is moderate.

2. Whole House Customize

  • Cabinet System
  • Column System
  • Open Cloakroom Series
  • Open Cloakroom Series
  • Open Storage Series
  • Curio Shelf Series
  • Rock Plate Door Series
  • Glass Door System
  • Function Laminate System
  • Clothes Rod System
  • Wine glass/bottle rack system
  • Minimalist table series
  • Sliding door series
  • Ecological door series
  • Hypotenuse screen
  • Plate type whole body long
  • Handle series
  • Concealed handle series
  • Plate wardrobe door handles with screws series
  • Handle-free series
  • Straightener series

3. More Colors

  • Wood grain series
  • Glossy light Champagne
  • Red Champagne
  • Matt Champagne ( sand blasted )
  • Antique 【glossy ( three acid) Champagne】
  • Matt Champagne brush ( sand blasted)
  • Ceramic Champagne
  • Glossy ( three acid) CP Silver
  • Matt sliver ( sand blaste )
  • Glossy ( three acid ) CP brush Silver
  • Glossy (three acid ) gold
  • Matt gold brush
  • Glossy( three acid ) Rose Gold
  • Glossy( three acid ) brush Rose Gold
  • Matt Grey(oxidation)
  • Matt Grey( sand blasted )
  • Ceramic Grey
  • Glossy (three acid ) iron Grey
  • Ceramic black
  • Matt black ( sand blasted )
  • Matt black(oxidation)
  • Paint white


More surface treatment technology

  • Brush
  • Ceramic
  • Glossy ( three acid)
  • CP
  • Oxidation electrophoresis
  • Powder spraied
  • Exchange-pole electrophoresis
  • Water-based fluorocarbon
  • Copper Wire Brush
  • Electrofluorophoresis
  • Crystal swimming

5. Better Quality

Enterprise has won the “Aluminum Profile Production License issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China,” “International Standard Certification,” “ISO9001 Quality System Certification,” “Level Two Metrological System Qualification Certificate,” “Company Committed to Quality and Integrity Brand,” “Well-Known Brand in China,” “Top 50 Aluminum Profile Production Companies in China,” “Physical Quality Golden Cup Award,” “National Excellent Enterprise in Quality and Integrity,” “Development Center for Aluminum Alloy Decorative Profile Surface Treatment Engineering Technology Exhibition Department in Foshan City,” “Engineering Technology Research Center for Aluminum Alloy Decorative Profiles in Guangdong Province,” “Nationally Qualified and Stable Quality Inspection Products,” “Famous Brand Product of Guangdong Province,” and other honors.

6. More Profile Model

( open model by free )

We are able to supply new molds within 20 days.

7. Best-selling Series

Glass Cloakroom Space

Compared with wooden closet. aluminum frame glass closet have the following advantages. First, transparent glass can ensure sufficient light inside the cabinet when the closet door is closed. Sufficient light environment can inhibit the growth of bacteria, so that clothes in closed and unventilated environment will not smell.

The design of the cabinet adopts the most popular L-shaped design form, which is matched with the aluminum frame glass door with the universal hinge, and the glass backboard and the wood veneer back board are combined to create the overall permeability and make full use of the display space.



Open wardrobe design, can allow clothes to better contact with fresh air, so that clothes smell fresh. The open column adopts a double-sided design application, which can be used for dividing the central area of the bedroom space. The layer board, clothes hanging rod, and shoe board frame are made of refined aluminum, which can create exquisite and transparent display expressions. The hanging drawers can provide single/double draw designs; The pants drawstring adopts a silent guide rail, creating a detail texture of pure life.

Wine Cabinet
(Aluminum framed glass door K3267)

Transparent glass design allows you, your family, friends, and guests to easily find the location of your favorite wine, Compared to traditional wooden wine cabinets, the aluminum frame with metallic luster and fully transparent glass appear more luxurious.

The frame is made of high quality aluminum material, the surface is polished and oxidized, which can be polished and brushed and oxidized. 5mm glass is embedded. With a font handle, handle’s surface treatment is rounded corner polishing, groove handle design, simple and generous appearance, feel delicate and exquisite, to create a fine texture.

Match with the heaven and earth door hinge, no shaking.The color can be customized, and can be the same color as the cabinet profile.



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