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  • 2024-03-08
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KRC was founded in 2009, over the years has been focused on “furniture aluminum profile extrusion and surface treatment, high-end aluminum alloy handle precision production and high-end custom supporting services for minimalist furniture.” From aluminum ingots and aluminum rods to melting in the furnace, KRC selects all the original aluminum ingots, refusing to use recycled aluminum, and high-standard selected raw materials provide source protection for the follow-up high-quality precision production. KRC has many extrusion lines, large tonnage of extrusion machine, advanced production equipment and complete mold categories.

The aluminum profiles produced by KRC have high density and strong hardness. KRC is the drafting unit of the Chinese standard for aluminum profiles, so the hardness of KRC’ s aluminum profiles is higher than the national standard and higher than many peers. The spraying line of KRC is one of the first Chinese factories to adopt the automatic spraying line of Germany. The oxidation tank and acid washing tank has a large capacity, and the coloring tank adheres to the habit of frequent cleaning and chemical index testing. All of these have achieved the standard of pure color for KRC’ s furniture profiles and small color difference for batch orders.

The company’s furniture profiles with surface treatments such as Rose Gold, CP, Iron Grey, Matt SS Brush are selling well in New Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai, Saigon, Jakarta, and Moscow. It has also entered high-end consumer groups in major cities such as Seoul, Tokyo, Berlin, and London. The cabinets, cloakrooms, and wine cabinets made of KRC aluminum profiles are simple and elegant, fashionable and avant-garde. Our hardware handles adhere to the use of high-density and high-strength self-produced aluminum materials, which have undergone precision machine automation cutting, clamp washing, high polishing, wax removal, anodized and coloring. Our handles are packaged in sponge PE bags, environmentally friendly cloth bags, and exquisite cardboard boxes. Whether you wholesale and distribute our products or use our handles to match the furniture you produce, KRC Hardware handles are definitely the preferred supplier for high-end customized product matching.

The company’s technology and R&D team team is strong. Whether it is processing with incoming sample or drawing production, the technical and R&D teams are meticulous in precise measurement, accurate drawing and mold making. The company’s quality management team strictly implements the ISO9001 international standard, from raw materials to packaging and shipping, the entire process is inspected and tested. The company exports about 5 PCS 40 foot standard containers every day, and exports over 1000 PCS 40 foot standard containers of aluminum profiles, handles, and high-end products every year. From growth to excellence we have a long way to go, but we do not forget the original intention, KRC will always be your trusted supplier in China.



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