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When is the right time to issue the order ?

The best time to issue order is  2  month before your expected date. This gives KRC  sufficient time to produce and quality controlling .and Usually need 1 month shipping time to your end also .

Is KRC affordable?

KRC price system is aluminum ingot Spot price +Suface tratement cost+ packing cost .We spend more in surface tratement and packing , to ensure better customer experience. Hence, while you may find us cheaper than a lot of local companies, you may not find us cheapest too ,KRC care quality and service for ever 。

What services does KRC  provide?

· We provide one stop  interior solution including Modular Kitchen, Wardrobes, TV Unit, Other Furniture , we can also provide half finished materials let customer DIY .

Why should I trust KRC ?

KRC  does a few things unlike others. We are a technology based company, which develops and produce finished funitures , we produce and sell finished alu handles , alu profiles 500container each year .we have agents in many countries , you can order from our agent ,or buy from our factory directly .

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