Front material of left and right frames, rear material left and right frame, upper and lower material of left and right frames, upper and lower front crossbeam, upper and lower rear crossbeam, front and rear L-shaped aluminum strips, left and right L-shaped aluminum strips, upper and lower glass transition strip, left and right glass transition bars, crossbeam connectors, 18 Side frame connector, 18mm
top and bottom wooden board, 36mm glass laminate (Optional), 36mmwine gridiron laminate (optional), 36mm cup hanging laminate (optional) is made of high quality aluminum material, the surface is polished and oxidized, which can be polished and brushed and oxidized. 5mm glass is embedded. With a font handle, handle’s surface treatment is rounded corner polishing, groove handle design, simple and generous appearance, feel delicate and exquisite, to create a fine texture.Match with the heaven and earth door hinge, no shaking.The color can be customized, and can be the same color as the cabinet profil.
Transparent glass design allows you, your family, friends, and guests to easily find the location of your favorite wine,Compared to tradtional wooden wine cabinets, the aluminum frame with metallic luster and fully transparent glass appear more luxurious.





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