Walk-in Wardrobe

Walk-in Wardrobe

KRC walk-in wardrobe made of glass, aluminum and wood, Walk-in is a jewel among walk-in wardrobes: Exciting features are accentuated with the use of aluminum, glass and wood. By combining the materials used in whatever way you see fit, you will receive a customized built-in cabinet which meets your individual requirements: Open cabinet systems equipped with translucent glass which look sophisticated and mysterious, and protect your clothing. The flexible frame system can be fitted with your choice of panels so that the Walk-in has a delicate, open look or a classic, closed look.

The cabinet elements can also be used to design a free-standing cabinet. In this way, a harmonious living space characterized by minimalism, elegance, design, precision and luxury is born. From these components, KRC have developed Walk-in for extremely discerning customers. The space generating, cutting-edge system furniture can completely redefine living areas and is consistently thought of as “interior architecture”. With its extremely flexible frame concept, it provides an almost infinite number of design and usage options. Walk-in is an innovative system furniture range for walk-in wardrobes and living areas.

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