Minimalist Closet Design Ideas

Minimalist Closet Design Ideas

Minimalist closet design ideas are all about rationality, functionality and comfort. KRC minimalist closet allows you to create a living space free of clutter and the whole home design is more comfortable and functional as all clothing, footwear, sports equipment, etc. are organized separately. In many modern closets designed in minimalist style the neutral colors accentuate and highlight the minimalist concept. In combination with metal elements and flat ceiling lights such designs look especially modern and quite original.

KRC Minimalist closets do not feature bright, bold or vivid colors. On the contrary–we use one basic color and combine it with a complementary or contrasting shade, depending on the desired effect. The most typical color for minimalist interiors is Grey. In addition, concrete walls are also widely used as well as black and white color combination. Some minimalist interiors use wall panels made of natural or synthetic materials, such as oxidized aluminum profiles , tempered glass and textured wood, artificial and natural stone.



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