KRC Minimalist Closet Design Ideas

KRC Minimalist Closet Design Ideas

KRC Minimalist closet design ideas follow the basic principles and features of the style–creative planning and zoning of available space, modern lighting, simple decoration, the use of clear geometric forms, minimum furniture and almost complete absence of non-functional accessories, simple shapes and lines, using shiny elements–metal, glass, etc., in combination with natural materials–wood, stone. What is most important about minimalism, and we see in minimalist closets as well, is the lack of chaos, perfect wardrobe order and a balanced design with an atmosphere of peace, calm and perfect order.

KRC minimalist closet design features ultimate simplicity–for example, a smooth grey color opening wardrobe. However, exquisite parquet door with an expressive pattern is inappropriate and in conflict with the simplicity of minimalist style. Think of high quality and wear-resistant Grey glass door which is suitable for a walk in closet in minimalist style.



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